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Itinerary n. 5 •

The "Milky Way" in Val d'Orcia
B.Vignoni - Poggio Bacoca - Pieve di Corsignano
Terrapille - Acqua Puzzola - B.Vignoni)
Percorrenza: 4 ore Lunghezza: 18 km
Livello max. m. 306 Livello min. m. 240

This itinerary describes a wide circle hust below Pienza among the clay of Alta Val d'Orcia. The hiking route winds along the ancient way of the Romea. For centuries, travellers of the "Grand Tour" have walked on the Romea and have later documented their experiences in travel books and diaries. That's why the title of this itinerary reminds us of the movie by Bunuel about the Spanish Romea of Santiago. Start in Bagno Vignoni and follow the Orcia, then take the road of the Commenda, leaving the farm Casellona to your left. Now you find yourself on the ancient layout of the Francignea (Romea). Shortly after you have reached the paved road, take the unpaved road, wich will lead you to the farms of Casabianca, Poggio Bacocda and Costi Lati,all built in clay. From there the path leads downhill to the left and then, after the farm Poderi Novi, uphill to the fascinating Romanesque parish church of Corsignano (XII century). From the parish church of Corsignango, walking down to the valley, you will come to the pretty farm of Terrapille. The farm is situated in an elevated position and offers a gorgeous, panoramic view of Pienza. From Costi Lati, continuing your walk for about one kilometer downhill, you have to look for the municipal road that will take you in the direction of Bagno Vignoni. If you are not too tire, pay a visit to the castle Castello di Spedaletto. It isn't far, once you are on the paved road.

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