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    Restaurant "I Salotti" is the jewel of the estate. It is personally run by the owner, Mr Loris Mozzini who has been internationally awarded for his cooking skills and his ability in displaying dishes.

    The restaurant offers a very creative cuisine in which traditional dishes are reinter-preted in original style and matched with a very wide selection of wines ( more than 500 labels both local: Vino Nobile and Brunello and wines from the North of Italy and France). Service is excellent.
   The interior decoration of the restaurant is particularly refined, the silk curtains and the elegant silver cutlery and plates together with the accurate laying of the tables show the exquisite taste of the owners and their desire to give their guests a charming and soft atmosphere which makes the restaurant the ideal place to enjoy the gourmet dishes created.

Villa Il Patriarca
Località Querce al Pino
53023 CHIUSI (SI)

Tel.: 0578274407
Fax: 0578274594