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    The 22 bedrooms of the hotel are all located in quiet and relaxed positions, most of them overlooking the wide and old park.and garden Painted in pastel colours and furnished in a refined old style, they welcome their guests to an antique mansion which is at the same time endowed with all modern comforts. Some of them are furnished with elegant , wooden furniture in the XVII century style, with four-posters beds, silk curtains, and damasks.

    The two suites which are mostly appreciated for the rich atmosphere created by stuccoes and damasks have hosted, on many occasions, the famous Italian artists Federico Fellini and Giuliettta Masina and are named after them.
   Other bedrooms have beamed cealings and brick floors, they are furnished according to the traditional old Tuscan country style especially appreciated by the lovers of ancient, rustic life.

Villa Il Patriarca
Località Querce al Pino
53023 CHIUSI (SI)

Tel.: 0578274407
Fax: 0578274594