Solitary cypresses or lining in long rows ancient country roads, vineyeards which follow the ups and downs of rolling hills, streams overshadowed by trembling poplars, oaks and holm-oaks woods, strawberry trees and brooms growing on the banks of the roads, they make up the landscape which can be enjoyed on approaching Castelmuzio, the old, suggestive medieval village in the heart of Tuscany.

   It is better to reach Castelmuzio through the road from Pienza which goes among beautiful country houses  and sides the ancient Benedictine monastery of Sant'Anna in Camprena, a sacred place even at the time of Pope Pius II, Its enchanting refectory painted by the famous '400 century painter Sodoma is worth a visit. This suggestive site has also been the setting to the famous film "The English Patient" by Minghella.

    Castelmuzio silouettes against the sky with its ochre yellow walls, it overlooks the green valley of the torrent Trove. Here is our house, in the centre of the village, after the church, along the main road. It is situated in a dominering position overlooking the small alleyways and the large valley which opens below.

    Gaetano Milanesi (1813-1895), a famous scholar, member of the Accademia della Crusca, could enjoy the same wonderful landscape when he lived here more than a century ago, as a slab on the side of the house remembers and the street which was named after him.
Ererything has remained untouched and on a man-scale, peace and rest are total and guests who decide to spend a holiday here can really affirm to be living a new life (Vita Nuova).

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