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The Family

The family business started with "nonno Alfredo" the grandfather, who began to work the iron in the early twentieth century and then enlarged the production with the working of other metals like brass and copper to meet with the new needs of the time.
The iron craft was soon learnt with enthusiasm by his son Mario who specialized in the production of artistic wrought iron handicrafts.

Today the family business is constituted by the father: Mario and the three sons: Alberto, Samuele and Alfredo, who run together the two shops (one of them is situated in the historical centre of Pienza and the other is close to the workshop in the artisan area of the town) exihibiting a wide range of wrought iron articles of interior design and garden furniture.

The handicraft wrought iron articles heve been made according to the ancient technique with fire, anvil and hammer. Some of them are the result of of their personal creativeness, others are reproductions of ancient objects from different historical times like the Renaissance or the Middle Ages. It is also possible to realize particular objects on request or personalize them according to the customer's requirements.

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